Top Strategies for Roulette – Online Casino Edition

one zero online roulette

Roulette is a game that continues to enamour online casino players to this day. The novelty action of the spinning ball, the numerous betting possibilities, all features of the game itself create an online casino experience unparalleled by any other game in the world. With that in mind, in the 200+ years of Roulette history, players worldwide have tried to come up with numerous strategies to gain leverage on the house itself. Today, we will discuss the most popular betting strategies and see which ones are better implemented in roulette.

The Martingale Progression Strategy

martingale strategy

The most renowned betting strategy that has been mostly used on the roulette table is called “the Martingale”. Essentially this is a betting system that is theoretically supposed to work only when betting on even odds (red and black, evens and odds, etc.) It is a “loss recovery” strategy, and it works by allowing the player to double their initial bet every time they lose – once they win, any funds lost prior would be instantly recovered.

With almost a 50% chance to win, players that try using the Martingale strategy seem to fall easily to its “semi-working” allure; however, the problem doesn’t lie within the strategy itself, but rather the possibilities and limitations of the player. The first and foremost rule of a roulette table is that it has a limit to the amount of money that can be bet. Even if that wasn’t a problem, it is the bankroll of the player that provides a “natural limitation”, as it is finite. Overall, the Martingale is a fun betting system to try, but it is unreliable in the long run.

Maximizing Gains with the Labouchere

labouchere strategy for roulette

Instead on doubling your next losing bet for recovering losses, the Labouchere promotes the creation of a betting pattern, where players will need to double or triple their wagered units. While this does sound like a strategy meant to maximize the winnings from a lucky streak, this fact proves to be its greatest caveat as well. Not many players feel comfortable betting two or three times the amount of their initial bet, knowing that they might lose it. The Labouchere has been called “the reverse Martingale”, and is also quite risky to implement.

Play Only on Roulette Games with a Single Zero

one zero online roulette

The more “0” pockets there are on a Roulette wheel, the higher is the house edge. Experienced roulette players that are implementing different betting tactics understand that, and this is why they tend to avoid “American Roulette” and even “Three Wheel Sands Roulette”. If you would like to try any of the strategies listed here, make sure that you play either French or European Roulette, where the house edge will be significantly lower.

Following Hot and Cold Numbers

hot and cold online roulette

A “hot number” is one that the ball has hit more than once over a short period of time. Given the fact that the payout odds on a straight bet are 36:1, players are often placing a small straight bet on a single number when playing on “red or black”, to see if they would come up lucky. While “hot number betting” is most certainly a type of strategy, the game has no “memory” so it isn’t known if the ball will land in the same pocket more than two times.

Gameplay Style Management

The most experienced gamblers have one thing in common – when they play, their best strategy is to treat the game like an event, rather than surrendering to the “experience”. This way, they have a firm grasp on how much money are they willing to lose, and what would be their potential winnings after a theoretically successful play session. A good player will always stick to their “action plan”, and stop playing after a certain amount of time, regardless if they’ve won or lost. The best strategy in roulette

A Strategy Might Work for a Time

There is no way around it – all of the tactics and strategies listed above have their own charms, but none of them provides a “surefire” way to defeat the casino. Perhaps the most viable method that would allow a player to come on top is to have a thought-out betting pattern with a fixed budget. Lucky streaks are just as likely to hit as losing ones, so if luck is on the player’s side, they might go home with a substantial win.