Different Versions of Roulette Games in Online Casinos

multi wheel online roulette

Although the most loved roulette games are classic versions such as European, American, and French, online casino players often want to experiment with other interesting versions of the game. Naturally, there are software providers that tend to take a risk and experiment with the creation of alternative versions; that would not only be interesting to play but also balanced enough to provide people with a chance to win.

Multi Wheel Roulette Makes Things Faster

multi wheel online roulette

One of the first variants of the game that came out was Multi Wheel by Microgaming. Here, players can play on up to eight wheels at the same time. For maximum convenience, there is a single betting layout where a placed bet will apply to the number of wheels chosen by the player’s themselves. Although Multi Wheel provides a faster way to resolve bets, it can also prove dangerous to the unprepared – as any bet amount will be multiplied by the number of roulette wheels being played.

Multi Ball Roulette Is Similar

Bearing many similarities with Multi Wheel Roulette, the Multi-Ball version can feature up to 8 balls rolled on the same wheel. Usually, there are up to 8 different coloured balls that are released at the same time when the wheel is spun. Every bet will be multiplied by the number of balls that are going to be in play. Multi-Ball games are one of the most common varieties of “exotic” roulette, which is why it is being produced by a number of software providers.

multiball roulette game

Mini Roulette Is Cute but Tricky

online mini roulette

Playtech made a “Mini Roulette” version of the game, delivering simplicity and entertainment into one. Instead of the classic 37 pockets on the wheel, the mini version of the game features 13; numbered from 0 to 12. Given the fact that this version only has one zero, the game is more akin to the “European” variety. Although there is only one zero here, it turns out that due to the small number of numbers, the house edge here is actually bigger – 7.6% as opposed to the regular version of European Roulette that has an edge of 2.7%.

100/1 Roulette Is Mesmerising

100/1 roulette

While the mini wheel housed only 13 pockets, this ellipse-shaped wheel holds 105! Played with a single ball, the 100/1 is the brainchild of the company NYX gaming. Due to the staggering amount of numbers, the green zeroes are substituted by five symbols – star, square, circle, triangle, and rhombus. While all the even bets (red or black, evens or odds) provide the same 1 to 1 payment odds, betting on a “10 line” will pay 9 to 1.

Be Careful with Odd-Looking Games

It is always great to poke some fun with roulette games that look like nothing else today. On the other hand, their real value is more of a novelty, and this is due to the increased house edge. Experienced gamblers state that it is never a good idea to try any strategies on those kinds of games because they are designed against any betting strategy. You can still try them for free online and still have some fun.

It should be noted that a modified roulette variant is more likely to feature different payout odds and percentages than their classic counterparts. Although in some cases, this might sound like a disadvantage, the betting opportunities are proportionally lucrative. Whether you’re a fan or not of different roulette games, we recommend that you give them a chance!