Top Strategies for Roulette – Online Casino Edition

Roulette is a game that continues to enamour online casino players to this day. The novelty action of the spinning ball, the numerous betting possibilities, all features of the game itself create an online casino experience unparalleled by any other game in the world. With that in mind, in the 200+ years of Roulette history, players worldwide have tried to come up with numerous strategies to gain leverage on the house itself. Today, we will discuss the most popular betting strategies and see which ones are better implemented in roulette.

The Martingale Progression Strategy

martingale strategy

The most renowned betting strategy that has been mostly used on the roulette table is called “the Martingale”. Essentially this is a betting system that is theoretically supposed to work only when betting on even odds (red and black, evens and odds, etc.) It is a “loss recovery” strategy, and it works by allowing the player to double their initial bet every time they lose – once they win, any funds lost prior would be instantly recovered.

With almost a 50% chance to win, players that try using the Martingale strategy seem to fall easily to its “semi-working” allure; however, the problem doesn’t lie within the strategy itself, but rather the possibilities and limitations of the player. The first and foremost rule of a roulette table is that it has a limit to the amount of money that can be bet. Even if that wasn’t a problem, it is the bankroll of the player that provides a “natural limitation”, as it is finite. Overall, the Martingale is a fun betting system to try, but it is unreliable in the long run.

Maximizing Gains with the Labouchere

labouchere strategy for roulette

Instead on doubling your next losing bet for recovering losses, the Labouchere promotes the creation of a betting pattern, where players will need to double or triple their wagered units. While this does sound like a strategy meant to maximize the winnings from a lucky streak, this fact proves to be its greatest caveat as well. Not many players feel comfortable betting two or three times the amount of their initial bet, knowing that they might lose it. The Labouchere has been called “the reverse Martingale”, and is also quite risky to implement.

Play Only on Roulette Games with a Single Zero

one zero online roulette

The more “0” pockets there are on a Roulette wheel, the higher is the house edge. Experienced roulette players that are implementing different betting tactics understand that, and this is why they tend to avoid “American Roulette” and even “Three Wheel Sands Roulette”. If you would like to try any of the strategies listed here, make sure that you play either French or European Roulette, where the house edge will be significantly lower.

Following Hot and Cold Numbers

hot and cold online roulette

A “hot number” is one that the ball has hit more than once over a short period of time. Given the fact that the payout odds on a straight bet are 36:1, players are often placing a small straight bet on a single number when playing on “red or black”, to see if they would come up lucky. While “hot number betting” is … Read the rest

Different Versions of Roulette Games in Online Casinos

Although the most loved roulette games are classic versions such as European, American, and French, online casino players often want to experiment with other interesting versions of the game. Naturally, there are software providers that tend to take a risk and experiment with the creation of alternative versions; that would not only be interesting to play but also balanced enough to provide people with a chance to win.

Multi Wheel Roulette Makes Things Faster

multi wheel online roulette

One of the first variants of the game that came out was Multi Wheel by Microgaming. Here, players can play on up to eight wheels at the same time. For maximum convenience, there is a single betting layout where a placed bet will apply to the number of wheels chosen by the player’s themselves. Although Multi Wheel provides a faster way to resolve bets, it can also prove dangerous to the unprepared – as any bet amount will be multiplied by the number of roulette wheels being played.

Multi Ball Roulette Is Similar

Bearing many similarities with Multi Wheel Roulette, the Multi-Ball version can feature up to 8 balls rolled on the same wheel. Usually, there are up to 8 different coloured balls that are released at the same time when the wheel is spun. Every bet will be multiplied by the number of balls that are going to be in play. Multi-Ball games are one of the most common varieties of “exotic” roulette, which is why it is being produced by a number of software providers.

multiball roulette game

Mini Roulette Is Cute but Tricky

online mini roulette

Playtech made a “Mini Roulette” version of the game, delivering simplicity and entertainment into one. Instead of the classic 37 pockets on the wheel, the mini version of the game features 13; numbered from 0 to 12. Given the fact that this version only has one zero, the game is more akin to the “European” variety. Although there is only one zero here, it turns out that due to the small number of numbers, the house edge here is actually bigger – 7.6% as opposed to the regular version of European Roulette that has an edge of 2.7%.

100/1 Roulette Is Mesmerising

100/1 roulette

While the mini wheel housed only 13 pockets, this ellipse-shaped wheel holds 105! Played with a single ball, the 100/1 is the brainchild of the company NYX gaming. Due to the staggering amount of numbers, the green zeroes are substituted by five symbols – star, square, circle, triangle, and rhombus. While all the even bets (red or black, evens or odds) provide the same 1 to 1 payment odds, betting on a “10 line” will pay 9 to 1.

Be Careful with Odd-Looking Games

It is always great to poke some fun with roulette games that look like nothing else today. On the other hand, their real value is more of a novelty, and this is due to the increased house edge. Experienced gamblers state that it is never a good idea to try any strategies on those kinds of games because they are designed against any betting strategy. You can still try them for free online and still have some fun.

It should be noted … Read the rest

The Biggest Software Developers of Online Casino Roulette Games

It is a widely accepted fact that while slots don’t need to look that much appealing to the player when compared to Roulette games. The wheel of a roulette has long been associated with the “casino image”, and this is why when software developers create a variant of this famous game, they try to outdo themselves. This “creation competition” has resulted in some of the best-looking roulette games for both instant and live dealer play. Today we explore the software developers that have created the most impressive roulette titles in the industry.

Pragmatic Play Gets the “Newcomer Award”


Pragmatic Play is a software developer that understands the most recent visual trends, and this is why this company has been associated with excellence in designing minimalistic roulette games. Ever since this developer was established, they have impressed many players and casino operators with its quality. While the instant variant was one of the few hits of the company, today Pragmatic Impresses the industry even further by introducing more than six, multilingual live dealer versions of roulette! Although this software developer doesn’t have as much professional experience as many others on this list, the company has proven itself that it’s here to stay, and they mean business.

Evolution Gaming Offers the Best Live Roulette


For at least a decade and a half, Evolution Gaming has continued setting the quality standards of how an online live dealer casino service should be hosted. Even though there are quite a few companies today that try to do the same, Evolution Gaming’s variety of live dealer games and studio setting have always been preferred by every player in the industry. While indeed this software developer is considered to be the “number 1 In live dealer roulette creation”, its only caveat is that it doesn’t offer any instant play versions of the game.

Inspired Entertainment Has Interesting Variants

inspired logo

In terms of design, the games of Inspired Entertainment look even more minimalistic than the ones of pragmatic play. With merely only two variants of roulette, Inspired Entertainment managed to make itself noticed by the industry with the titles “20p” and “100/1”. Both games can be found in “demo mode” as well as for real money play.

Playtech Has Some Original Roulette Titles


As a renowned software developer of online casino games, Playtech has managed to carve its own name in the history of the industry. Although the company achieved its positive reputation by majorly developing slots, the reputation of Playtech experienced a “second wind” after the company released its world-famous “mini”. With the continuing development of the company, we saw that Playtech has also released several live dealer versions as well!

NetEnt Offers Some of the Best-Looking Instant Roulette Games

netent logo

“Roulette Pro” has been an example of quality for many years now, and it is one of the gaming titles that has helped NetEnt increase its popularity as a developer of high ends casino software. This company also host live dealer casino games, the most popular of which are blackjack, and roulette.

The Game Is a “Must Have” On the Roster of Every Developer

Unless a software developer has chosen to create only … Read the rest

Top Online Casinos That Accept PayPal Deposits and Offer Roulette Games

PayPal is considered to be the first financial service provider that facilitated the person-to-person online transfer. Considered to be the “godfather of e-wallets”, PayPal has become the preferred choice for many online casinos that offer roulette games. Safe for a few currency conversion or international transfer fees, using PayPal is almost free, which makes it preferred by both online gambling establishments and players alike. Here you will find the most popular, roulette-offering online casinos that support PayPal.

Rizk Casino Is one of the Best Ones


Rizk Casino is renowned for having fair wagering requirements on its bonuses, which makes the venue especially attractive for players who are always looking for promotions. The casino supports PayPal as a banking method and is also licensed by many jurisdictions. Although only four Roulette titles can be seen in their website’s roster (including the live dealer version), there is a pretty good chance that there will be more once a player logs in.

William Hill Has Many Roulette Titles

william hill logo

William Hill promises to process any PayPal withdrawals within one working day. The William Hill brand is considered to be historically famous, so you can be sure that processing any finances will be done up to industry standards. In addition to offering good sportsbook services, William Hill is an online casino that offers more than 20 variations of both instant and live dealer casino roulette!

PlayOJO Offers Many Bonuses

play ojo online roulette

In addition to having a highly extensive promotions program, PlayOJO promises its members that they don’t need to complete any wagering requirements! While this is truer than not, this online venue is considered to be one of the most famous ones online – both for offering more than 2,000 games, and the wide range of supported payment methods.

A Variety of Roulette Games in Guts Casino

guts casino logo

Although Guts casino supports PayPal as a deposit option only, the casino is considered to be one of the most trustworthy ones available on the European market. The venue offers approximately 2,000 gaming titles with an extended roster of both instant and live dealer versions of Roulette. Guts is renowned not only for the number of its gaming titles but also for its many licenses – the casino is regulated by both the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Paddy Power Casino Also Offers Sport

paddy-power online casino

With nearly 20 different roulette games here, Paddy Power is one of the few casinos in the European market that has nearly two decades of experience in the industry. The Paddy Power brand is also associated with offering superior sportsbook services, making it an ideal playing ground for both punters and players. As expected, it doesn’t come as a surprise that an online gambling venue of such experience and reputation supports the use of PayPal.

888 Casino Also Makes the List

888 casino roulette

Considered to be one of the most famous casinos in the United Kingdom, 888 casino supports many banking methods such as banking methods, cards, and e-wallets such as PayPal. This online venue often releases bonuses connected with the use of a particular banking method, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise that the venue … Read the rest